Candy Floss

mini Dots

Our mini cotton candy Dots bag was designed for special events. ex. Weddings, Baby Showers, Parties.

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1 oz bag

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mini Dots x 4

Our cotton candy shop has added 4 gourmet candy floss flavors to the jumbo Dots bag. Each jumbo bag includes 4 mini Dots bags for sharing. 

4 oz bag

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mini Dots x 2

This cotton candy Dots bag has been designed to stay fresh up to 4 weeks in cool environments. It includes 2 mini Dots bags for sharing.

2 oz bag

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Decadent Taste

Each hand spun pre-packaged bag is a sinfully decadent taste of sweet sugar that melts in your mouth. We magically transform our gourmet sugar into a candy cloud and place it into a cute Pok-A-Dots heat sealed bag.

Pok-A-Dots candy bags make a wonderful addition to that special wedding reception, birth announcement, corporate event, concession stands, festive gathering, or retail store.