About Us

About Us

Whimsical Element

Our cotton candy shop offers Pok-A-Dots Cotton Candy catering and pre-packaged bags which always brings a whimsical and sweet element to a party.

Event Catering

Event catering includes our DOT SPINNERS, which we are proud to say have hand-spun thousands of pink, sweet cotton candy on a stick to the delight of all ages. We like to say each delicious, handcrafted stick of pink cotton candy is like taking a memory trip back to the state fair. For your party service, ask for Sassy, Twinkles, or Fluff for your next upcoming event.

Pre-Packaged Bags

From our candy shop, we magically transform our gourmet sugar into a fluffy candy cloud then place it into a cute, Pok-A-Dots heat-sealed designer bag.